About Us


Why Heismy Wellness Was Started

  • In early 2020, Jonathan launched a website for Beautiful Minds Medical (the outpatient mental health clinic founded by Daniel) that served as a platform for educating our patients about proper supplement use for their mental health concerns. On this website, we advocated for and linked to various other brands and products that we believed were some of the best overall products in their class when factoring in their ingredients, quality and price. However, over time, we felt increasingly convicted that many of the "best products" we were recommending were still lacking in many ways. 
  • For example, many of the available products on the market contain poor designed formulas with inferior active ingredients, underdosed ingredients and excessive "filler" ingredients. Additionally, many of them are also one-size-fits-all formulas with limited ability to cater to your specific mental health needs. Lastly, many of these products have very high mark-ups and limited overall brand value (ie. they don't provide mental health resources outside of their supplement line). 
  • We thought: "maybe we can do mental health supplements better". And so, Heismy Wellness was born.